Our new "eco green" process, how we clean your tile:
  • We will drop the water level down just below the tile, then we remove the calcium with a commercial pressure washer injecting magnesium sulfate to blast the calcium and stains away

  • The magnesium sulfate is softer (3.5 MOH) than the tile ((5-6 MOH) eliminating any risk of damaging the tile
    * MOH=Measurement of Hardness: 1=talc, 10=diamond

  • Magnesium sulfate is water soluble and PH neutral. During the cleaning process some of the mineral will settle at the bottom of the pool, we will use a specialized portable filter system to vacuum most of the sediment from the pool

  • Once the process is complete, the water should be brought back to normal level

  • Any cloudiness in the water is completely safe for swimming, it will dissipate under normal filtration within a couple of days at which time we recommend you clean your filter

  • This process will remove calcium from outdoor, untreated, natural rock, brick, glass, and porcelain tile
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